Whether an author, musician, painter, actor (or any other form of art) we want to help you.

We want to help you find your voice and/or strategies on how to make it heard, then let you run and expand with it!


A la Carte services covering:

  • Book Content Edit
  • Grammar Edit
  • Book Cover (for print and/or ebook)
  • Formatting (for print and/or ebook)
  • MetaData research (so people can find it when searching for the book online)
  • Publishing to online stores as print on demand and/or ebook (including MetaData implementation)

Fine Artists and Crafters

A la Carte services covering:

  • Narrow down your exact voice and niche
  • Set up Social Media Accounts properly (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Hashtag research for common ones you should be using and create your own
  • Tools in place for scheduling posts
  • Write-up and finalize your basic look and posting ideas for future

Musicians, Actors and more

Let us know what you need, we look forward to working together.