In order to sell anything you need to be sure you are communicating to them where your public are at.


Most business know this, investing in market research, figuring out where their public are and how they can reach them, spend money marketing their services out to their public. A thorough market research with surveys can mean the difference between the success and failure of the business.

If you need help getting your business set up with market research, let me know and if I can’t provide the service you need I can connect you up with someone who can.

For authors, there is a lot to be said for some market research:.

Non-Fiction Authors

Most non-fiction authors can see this easily. When writing about a subject, it is good to know what your intend public would be interested in. What exact aspect of your subject is most likely going to interest readers, something they want to know about (any subject can have subjects within subjects within subjects).

As a non-fiction author there is going to be something you are passionate about, and it would make sense others are too. Think about what percentage increase in sales you could have if you include some small tidbit? Can you imagine getting hundreds of more sales just because you included an additional paragraph or chapter on a particular angle?

The only way you are going to know this is by some market research.

Fiction Authors

Have you always wanted to write a science fiction book. So, what would a little survey do to help you with this?

Imagine a survey of science fiction readers, what aspect of a book do they like the most? What do they wish more books would cover? You may be surprised to discover that it is something you can easily write into your book. All of this leading to hundreds of more sales, and who doesn’t want that!

Where do you find Market Research

While the best bet would be to do it all, surveys, competition study and more, some can’t afford that for their first book.

You can always at least do a few simple steps:

1) Read a lot, especially in the area you want to publish in.
2) Read the reviews of books in your niche and see what they liked and what they didn’t like (can be as simple as reading the reviews on Amazon).
2) Do some keyword research on the search engines. Sign up for a Google Adwords account (it is free) at, then click on “Tools and Analysis” and pick “Keyword Tool”. From there you can search your subject and see what people are looking for on the search engines.

If you find a phrase of four to five words this might clue you into a subject you should do more research into.

Let me know if I can be of any help.