Every company and artist should be concerned with their online reputation.  Online Reputation is referring to how your brand is being discussed on the Internet, what the view is of your company, brand name or in the case of an artist, your own name.

The #1 reason to stay on top of this is so that you can address any issues that might come up; this is mostly for companies and those providing a service where you have to be on top of customer service.  There are those out there who won’t complain to you but will voice something on twitter, or put a bad comment up on a blog, etc.

For an artist, when you are on top of what is being said, if something gets said that needs correction you can do so before it gets spread too far or too wide.

Especially for an artist (though true for companies too) the #2 reason would be just staying in touch with your fans.

Any artist will find that being accessible and in touch with your fans increases your visability in general.  As an artist, becoming more popular, means selling more of whatever you are producing.

At least a little time should be spent each day to see if and what is being said about you.  Sometimes you may need to check this more than once a day.

The most basic thing you can do is create a google alert.  This involves:

1) doing a search on your name (your brand, company name and such) in Google
2) select “news” and at the bottom of the page there is a link to “Create an email alert for andromeda edison”
3) select “blogs” and at the bottom of that page you can also click the link “Create an email alert for andromeda edison”
Bonus tip: 4) you should also do a daily search on twitter, if you have a twitter account you can “save search” so that you have one click access to check the keywords each day

Don’t have time for this? Need a closer eye kept on things?  Let me know, I have an inexpensive service for online reputation monitoring.