I have found it to be helpful to think of Facebook more as a PR tool than a direct marketing tool. It is hard to show direct sales as tied directly to Facebook.

With that said, PR is directly tied to marketing and having a strong PR presence definitely boosts/enhances any marketing efforts. If you are launching a new service or product the first people you tell are those who already follow you. If you have built up a good PR presence, providing valuable data to these people and making them like you, then they will pay attention to your new service or product. If they really like you, they will share this information with others, especially if they have a friend they believe could use the service.

Therefore, in your effort to reach the largest audience possible, having a strong PR presence on Facebook makes it easier to get your message out.

Another way a large Facebook following is valuable is if you are trying to get interviewed on the radio (or something similar), Many will look to see what sort of built-in following you have. Having a strong presence on Facebook makes it easier to reach these other audiences.

The meaning of a “strong presence” depends on your field and what your competitor’s numbers look like, but I start to feel comfortable when the “like” number gets beyond 1,000.

All of this holds true for many of the other social networks. While you can definitely take ads out on these networks to try marketing your products, the biggest asset is creating a PR following.

Advertising on Facebook can bring a good return as their targetting tools are pretty specific. Since Facebook users share interests on the site you can actually target people based on their interests. Making it easier to find people who would be interested in your product.

So, with that said, a great Facebook campaign can be very valuable.

Having recently completed two Facebook “like” campaigns resulting in 1,000+ likes, there are a few basic successful actions:

  • Working out a unique campaign based on the subject and running a contest with advertisement for the contest.
  • The prize isn’t a contest for an iPad or something like that, as those prizes have been overused. We brainstorm and work on connections to offer something unique and valuable.
  • Ads are run on Facebook itself with very precise targetting to reach your public.

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