Sometimes all you feel you need is for just that one right person to tell his friends about your product, your company, etc. Well, how do you contact that person, how do you get noticed and is it worth it?

There is no definite one-way to do it, but I can try to give you some insight so that you can make a better decision on how to invest your time.

The truth is, you are going to be investing a lot of time to reach that person, the bigger the person the more amount of time you will have to invest in it.

Now of course, everyone wants someone like Oprah to tell people about their product, but lets start with a little less ambition.

Basic steps:

  • Do the research and really find out who the A-list people are in your niche. Get as precise and small a niche as possible to start, makes it much easier to reach some real people, make a list of at least 50 names.
  • Go through these 50 names and find which ones of them are active on the Internet (have a Facebook page, twitter account, blog).
  • Make a grid of these people so you can keep track of where they are and then add columns for each step below to monitor how often you interact with them and what responses you get.
  • Take those names and follow, like and subscribe to all of their resources.
  • Spend some time just reading what they do, get to know what they talk about, like, etc. (this could take a few weeks).
  • Start participating, answer their polls, surveys questions, comment on their Facebook and blog posts, etc. An important point here is to only participate if there is actually something you can add to the conversation, DON’T SPAM THEM. This is also an investment of at least several weeks, maybe even several months before you move on to the next step. The bigger the name, the longer you may have to work on this.
  • IDEAL SCENE: At some point they talk directly to you, answer one of your answers, like your Facebook page (following you back on twitter doesn’t necessarily count if they already follow A LOT of people). At that point you take the opportunity and pitch them about your product, see next point where I list things to consider in your pitch.
  • If they don’t reach out to you, work out a pitch to them. You should agonize over this pitch, you don’t just want to ask them for something for you. Some things to consider: What are you going to exchange? How are they going to enjoy it? How easy/quick what you are asking them to do is going to be?
  • Be patient to see if you get an answer and in the meantime continue participating.
  • If no answer, continue participating and try again later. How long really depends on how much traffic you think they get, you don’t want to sound like an annoying pest who won’t go away, just use your judgement.
  • You continue until you have reached all the people in your list. Or if you feel you have reached enough in that niche, they you can start over with a new niche.

I really believe this is best done by the creator of the product themselves. As your participation will be the most genuine, what you say will be totally correct and on point as opposed to another person doing it for you.

However if you want to hire someone to do this, only hire someone who will first take the time to really know the field, will totally understand your product so that they can communicate in a genuine way.

With that said, I would be happy to help so feel free to contact us for more information.