Whether you want to self-publish or get a traditional publishing deal you need to build a platform. This is true of any artist or any business actually.

What is a “platform”? It is a place from which you can stand and other people can hear you speak or read what you write.

How to “build” it, you work hard to attract people to want to hear what you have to say. Honestly, you need to start building this platform right away. You don’t have to have a book written, a screenplay in development or even your DBA filed for your business. Start talking, learn as you go, get better at delivering your message, work on reaching bigger and bigger groups.

Here are some specific ideas:

  • Become a speaker and book yourself for speaking engagements (even if just at schools or your friend’s tea party).
  • Start a blog related to your subject matter and begin attracting your audience with great content.
  • Stand out on social media by becoming a resource for your audience.
  • Start a website and load it with resources for your target audience. Make it a destination that can’t be missed.
  • Launch a group on LinkedIn or Facebook and cultivate a community for your audience.
  • Write for publications that reach your target audience.
  • Start a radio show, some possible options are: http://blogtalkradio.com, http://wsradio.com, or http://womensradio.com.
  • Create a YouTube channel with educational, funny, and/or entertaining videos.
  • Create an email list of your friends and start sending out information regularly, asking them to share and get more people to sign up.
  • Use a combination of the above methods. In fact, the more you do, the better.

If you need help getting these started you can find someone like me to help get you going.