Do you need someone to help you with writing? This can take on many forms. Below are the most common types of help you can request from a writer:

Blog Writing

Set up a regular blog writer. You should take a look at the voice you want your blog to have, friendly, stern, educational, etc. and then make sure the writer you choose can do this.

Fees usually vary based on how often you want the post written or on word count.

Promotion Material Writing

Need help with a flier, email, brochure, you can get copy writers who specialize in this type of copy (believe me, not everyone can do this).

Ghost Writing Entire Book

If you want the book to sound like you, this partnership can be even more important than any other one you might see here. For the voice to be similar to yours, you should be able to read what they write very easily, feel like it is your friend talking to you and that when you speak later the ideas match.

Then there is editing:

Content Editing Your Work

Content editing is there to get a professional view of your final book.

The idea is enhancing the plot and ensuring that the flow of your storyline works, making sure the concepts and ideas are easy to follow, revising and editing the book so that the quality of writing and flow of concepts has the greatest impact thus taking the book to the next level.

Examples of things we are looking for:

Certain events happen too soon to build suspense effectively. Maybe some important character development is missing and one of the key characters is lacking dimension. Well-built tension is snapped unexpectedly by odd phrasing or a character action that does not make sense at that point in the book.

Copy Editing Your Work

Copy editing (handling those grammar points, basic story consistency, etc. so it reads like a professionally published eBook. This does not include a review of in-depth content discrepancies, story evaluation, fact checking, etc.)

Proofreading Your Work

For items you just want a final quick check done by a professional (a copy edit is much more thorough so this should be reserved for items you have already checked thoroughly yourself. We will tell you if we feel there are too many errors for us to feel confident in this quick review).

You can find out more about what I offer on my services page.