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Founder, Andromeda Edison, has worked in Internet marketing since 1996. Having watched the technology rapidly change over the years she is excited to see that Electronic Books (or eBooks) are taking off.

She loves to read and has long heard of the difficulties authors have in getting their books accepted by publishers and out into public hands. With the rapid increase in the amount of books sold as ebooks (see article: “Why Go the eBook Route?“) and the fact that you don’t have to be with a big publisher to be listed, this has all changed.

That doesn’t mean that you should just throw anything on the electronic bookstore’s “shelves”. Once you have written your book there are several important steps you should complete to be able to get the best possible book up and selling (see our Services pages).

Andromeda has pulled together a strong team of professional editors, designers, etc. to get your book up as professionally as possible.

She started Independent Words to be able to take those independent authors from completion of book (and provide any encouragement you might need to get it done) through the book/essay/short story being online and selling.

Mrs. Andromeda Edison also runs another company called Internet Image Mangement.

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