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Marketing Campaign for Author to Implement

By far our most popular service.

We will write a custom campaign for you to be able to get your name and book out in front of the most likely audience to buy it.

This campaign will include many of the actions below and more.

Campaigns run from $500 to $2000 depending on genre and any other existing promotion structure you have in place.

Training and/or Brainstorm Call

Learn about Internet marketing, Internet PR, social networking and any other tools you could use to increase your sales.

Before the call you will fill out a questionnaire so we can have some basic information ahead of time and your hour isn’t spent explaining situation to us.

$100 for first hour phone call, paid in advance, (any future time will by billed in half an hour increments of $40 each)


Social Media Set-up

There are a minimum of six key websites an author should be present on to further their credibility and allow interaction and promotion with possible book buyers:

  • Facebook Author Page
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • GoodReads
  • Amazon Author Central

There is a lot of what is referred to as “meta data” (meta meaning: information about, which refers to all the various fields you can fill out to give more information about yourself and the book and you want to fill out keywords to make it easier for people to find you) to be filled out properly and I would assist with that.

$180 one time fee (this is a package price, even if you have some of these set up already). $30 each for any additional set-ups.

Book/Author Launch Party

A book launch party (or even just a get the word out author party) can be a great idea. You can sell some books, get some publicity, involve a local bookstore, and overall get your name out.

I would be your party planner for all intents and purposes, as well as getting as much publicity about the event as possible.

Send me an email so we can work out the scope of your party and what it will cost.

Virtual Book Tour Campaign

Instead of showing up in bookstores all over the place, you show up in blogs, Internet magazines, etc. Will get a minimum of 10 different, unique mentions, this involves research and pitches. You will be expected to write unique content for each post.

$1,000, half paid up front and remainder paid when 10 posts are gotten.

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